Network of Private Schools and Agencies


We are an education group overseeing a network of private kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools. Additionally, we operate an education agency that facilitates study programs at boarding schools and universities abroad, and organizes annual educational fairs. Our focus lies in the development of diverse educational projects that provide exceptional, quality education.

since 2012

4 European countries

1 500 students

250 employees


Elevating education to empower future leaders

Consilium, a visionary educational enterprise, embarked on its mission to revolutionize educational consulting across Central Europe in 2012 as JK Education. With a primary focus on guiding students towards prestigious boarding schools and universities worldwide, Consilium quickly earned a reputation as a trusted advisor to both students and educational institutions.

In 2017, driven by their passion for empowering the leaders of tomorrow, Consilium expanded its horizons by establishing and operating their own exceptional schools. Starting in the Czech Republic and subsequently branching out to Croatia, Slovakia, and Spain, they set a new standard for excellence in international education.

In an exciting development, Consilium began a gradual transition in August 2022, assuming ownership of institutions such as Beehive Kindergarten and Primary School and Square Primary School, both in Prague, Saba Verda International School in Spain, and Bambíno nurseries and kindergartens in Prague. These acquisitions fortified Consilium's commitment to providing unparalleled educational experiences for students of all ages and at key stages in their academic careers.

Moreover, JK Education, a division of Consilium, goes beyond school operations by spearheading the prestigious JK Education EXPO: Central Europe's premier fair for boarding high schools. By organizing this grand event, Consilium continues to empower students with opportunities and open doors to brighter futures.

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